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This practical sales and marketing book is aimed at both the practitioners and the students. It incorporates both sales and marketing principles and the author's own personal tips gleaned from his many years of sales and marketing work. This book is a "must" for every salesperson and businessman who is keen on improving his sales results, keeping his customers happy and satisfied, and, maintaining customer loyalty. Students taking marketing exams, especially those who have to do case studies, should find this book a boon for there are much practical ideas, and, the sales and marketing principles are presented in a simple style for easy assimilation and quick revision.

The book, which is the author's second sales and marketing book, is based on a number of sales and marketing courses which the author has conducted for sales personnel, business practitioners and students. Much practical tips on finance, tax incentives, and, other aids, which would be of interest to the businessman, are found in the Appendix. The author also shares his unique experiences and thoughts with the reader. There is also a chapter on internet-marketing, which is apprently gaining greater importance.

Six actual marketing plans, which had been implemented by the author previously, and which contain some trade secrets, are incorporated.

Unlike many sales and marketing authors, the author walks his talk - he enjoys selling and has been selling directly to his customers.

The book is especially tailored for the busy business executive who has little or no time to attend sales and marketing courses but who wants to acquire the much needed knowledge and insights for getting his business going and flourishing.

Busy students sitting for the various sales and marketing exams conducted by the LCCI, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the polytechnics, the universities, and the other institutions, who are running short of time, should find this simple, practical book useful for quick revision.

The book has been adopted as a reference text by two professional bodies and has been commended.


The author has been a salesman and marketer for many years. He has also taught sales and marketing to sales personnel, business people and students for many years. He has published about 20 books, two of which have been adopted as reference texts and commended by professional bodies, and has been the editor of one book. He has also published a number of important papers in research journals and has served on the faculty of an American research university as a professor. He has received publicity from the press for some intellectual achievement.

Business & Personal Finance
March 23
Kerwin Mathew

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