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Featuring Spanish and English audio, find out what happens when the orangutan reserve at Pumai comes under threat in this colourful bilingual story for independent readers. The parallel text and accompanying audio will help you to follow Danny and his plan to save the day, in English - and in Spanish! Pictures and speech bubbles provide a child-friendly bridge to reading - and speaking - in another language. Have fun with new Spanish words!

Young Adult
6 October
B small publishing

Customer Reviews

BillAndrews1234 ,

Wow! Seriously! This is the modern way to learn languages!

Wow, these books are awesome! I thought I was downloading an ebook and sat down to read a blog in french about a young boy called Danny…..I was kind of right, but this is so much more than that!
I happen to learn best by reading as a child; but others learn by listening, others by talking/doing, and others by comparison......This is where these books come into their element!
Turning the first electronic page, I could see both the French on one side and its English equivalent on the other…and then I realised, after starting to read the French text (to see what I could actually remember from school!) was that there were buttons allowing me to hear the text being spoken! How cool is it, that I can read in French and try to determine its meaning, then check that against the English version, then listen to the pronunciation of the words, practice it myself and then again listen to how it was meant to sound! And if you are French and reading this, it doesn't matter - it works both ways!
The pictures were vibrant, the text was well written and engaging, and the interaction was superb! I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually enjoyed learning French again! And no matter how your child learns in the most suitable way for them, these are sure to make it that much easier!
Cath and Sam at B Small Publishing, deserve tremendous credit for finding these these fun and interactive books on how to learn languages (as do their authors Stephen Rabley & Martin Ursell of course!). Please check them out today and pick up their interactive ebooks as well as print publications on all sorts of language learning topics!

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