Enchanted - The Dressing Room Affair

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Enchanted - The Dressing Room Affair

10 Times Amazon Best Selling Author

Book 1 of a 3 part  Entwined Together Forever Trilogy Series
Sierra Hunter, will transport readers into the historical romance of the past while transcending that magic through time into the 20th century as she unravels the story of two people who are entwined together forever.

Enchanted - Dressing Room Affair #1 
In this first book of the trilogy, readers will learn the mystical magic of Bella Walsh’s enchanted heirlooms and their ability for those who own them to traverse through time.

Readers will also discover the truth behind the mysterious dressing room and the ruggedly handsome 19th Century author, Lord Reid Walsh, whose book holds the key to Katie finding her missing mother alive.

After ten happy years of marriage, Isabelle lost the love of her life, Scotsman Heath Mackenzie, to pneumonia. He passed away a year after Katie was born. Isabelle, widowed and struggling to bring up their beautiful child alone, now manages the costume store.

These days, Katie spends most of her time playing dress-up with the merchandise while Isabelle does her best to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. Isabelle wants to give Katie a good life – the life both her and her husband wanted for her before he got sick. She is still determined to make that happen.

The store, fashioned with tiny glass windows in the brick walls, is not a very big shop, but it is rich with character. There is a straw welcome mat outside and a modest collection of wind chimes hanging from the awning out front. A silver bell is tacked to the door to announce the arrival of customers. The floor boards, cleaned weekly with lemon oil, groan under their feet. The clusters of garments are arranged by country and century, painting the shop with their vibrant colors. 
It’s a bit cramped, but cozy all the same.

Isabelle never remarried after Heath’s death. Whenever Katie broaches the subject, Isabelle simply says, “Don’t you worry. I’m not lonely, Katie. I have everything I need right here in the shop.” Then she kisses her forehead, smiles, and resumes her tasks.

There is only one strange something about the quaint little costume shop. There is a dressing room at the back of the store that Katie can’t open. It has been locked for as long as she can recall.

“Don’t worry about it, Katie sweetie,” Isabelle says when Katie inquires. “That’s just an old storage room filled with junk. Besides, I’ve lost the key. Just leave it be.” Thus, the room becomes a prime subject for the girl’s imaginings.

Unbeknownst to Katie, Isabelle was in the midst of a passionate love affair with another man in Katie’s late teenage years. Katie had been at a delicate stage in her life then. Bringing a new man into it had seemed like a terrible idea. At the time, she felt she should keep it a secret. What Katie did not know could never hurt her.

He would come to visit Isabelle late at night after Katie had gone to sleep. He would stay until dawn and slip out before Katie woke up.

Isabelle remembered the first time she laid eyes on her lover. Katie was staying over at Chloe’s house that evening. Isabelle was unpacking boxes at the back of the store when she heard the shuffle of footsteps behind her. When she turned to see who it was, shock stopped her short. Standing near the door of the dressing room was the most exquisitely handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. 
Read on and see what happens in the Dressing Room Affair.

17 September
Sierra Hunter

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