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The Old World is dying. A dazzling, mysterious star compels three Magi to undertake a journey. But before Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar can complete their quest they must survive the deadly desert, supernatural forces, treachery, and the might of Rome. From the bamboo forests of China to the hidden city of Petra, from the lofty summits of Arabia to the scorching plains of Ethiopia, the Magi will battle their way to Bethlehem to unravel the secret of the star. But with blood and betrayal their constant companions, the Magi begin to wonder if they journey to destiny . . . or death?

Epiphany is a new look at the Nativity story, told through the tales of the three Magi. It is historical fiction with a twist of adventure and a dash of the unexpected. Epiphany tells the tale behind the Nativity: the appearance of the star, who the Magi were, their adventures, battles and lives after Bethlehem. Most important, it explores the meaning of the birth and its devastating consequences for the Old World.

Epiphany was inspired by the amazing but haunting T.S. Eliot poem, "Journey of the Magi." This peek into the conflicted souls of the Magi served as the starting point for Epiphany: what if the journey of the Magi was a treacherous quest upon which the fate of the world hung? Epiphany really is the greatest story never told. Until now.

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December 9
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Stbens ,

Maybe not what you think

If you are expecting an historical novel based on the three kings, or wise men, then you will probably be disappointed. There is a healthy dose of fantasy and magic in the story that will not appeal to everyone. However, it's a fairly enjoyable romp.

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