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A fast moving, racy and amusing story about identical and attractive twin sisters, who compete for the attention of men they meet at work or by accident. Samantha is more successful, as she is an extrovert character, while Kate is reserved, which is made worse by her mother, who always favours Samantha undermining Kate’s confidence. After catching Samantha having an affair with her fiancé, David, Kate determines to take revenge on her sister before she angrily calls off the wedding. Eric, a tall, handsome Norwegian appears and tries to guide Kate away from her intended revenge but she ignores his advice. After Samantha becomes an air hostess with United Atlantic Airline, she travels to New York, where she is introduced by her Captain to his friend, William T. Hurst, a handsome millionaire book publisher at a party in his luxury penthouse overlooking Central Park. Their affair blossoms after Samantha’s regular trips to New York, a voyage on his luxury yacht and a flight to Bermuda, which shows up a darker side of William’s sexual demands. Samantha overlooks this and with talk of marriage, she tells Kate and her mother that she intends to marry and live in New York with William. Kate decides she will have her revenge by pretending to be her sister and having unbridled sex with William in his penthouse before the wedding. Unfortunately, Maria, William’s first wife, an Argentinian with a fearsome temper, arrives and complicates the situation and Kate quickly returns to England. Eric appears and attempts to influence the actions of both sisters warning them they will regret their behaviour, but fate intervenes and after a heart rending situation they are finally united in sisterly love.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 9
Peter Child

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