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Four erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a gangster falling for the one that took him in when he was injuried, a young man learning the ropes at a hunk-for-hire operation, a gorgeous Asian woman finding pleasure in a wealthy man's arms, and a music lover who vies for the attention and more of a sexy Ukrainian woman on the dance floor. There is something for everyone within!

'Erotic Fantasies Vol. 5' contains:

# Loving A Gangster (Romance)
This one is huge! A debt collection goes bad. Thomas Monk falls to the bullets of his mark. Taken into the care of a gorgeous brunette, he can't do anything but fall in love. However, can she come to terms with his gangster past?

# Met By Phone (Young Hunk)
Mike Tones needed that scholarship so bad! Unfortunately, the real world is a harsh place and he has to find other means to support his schooling. When a gorgeous blond offers him an interview he will never forget, he starts down a road towards kink and pleasure. However, a good path leads back to its beginning. A year later, is he still man enough for her?

# A Good Salesman (Obsession)
She's obsessed! Asian goddess Kim falls in love with her lanky ebony skinned co-worker. He's super rich! Karen didn't know that Edward Charming was a multimillionaire, but when he flies her from coast to coast for a one day date, she is suitably impressed. The man has his good points; however, her heart and body are not for sale. Can this handsome man convince her of his value?

# Music Lover (Obsession)
He absolutely must have her! Joey is in love with a gorgeous Ukrainian woman, but she won't even talk to him. On the dance floor bodies rock and men and women vie for each other's attention. Out there it is a mad house and into it Joey is going to go tonight. Can he get his lady or will he go home empty handed again?

Fiction & Literature
November 26
Lunatic Ink Publishing

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