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This compilation consists of Volumes 1 to 23 in the Erotic Gay Tales series, including the novelette A Hard Man is Good to Find, and the 2 novellas Latent Homoerotic Desire and My Brother's Hot Friend Chad, both of the Homoerotic Romance Novella Series, AND all 6 gay fairy tales of the Gay Fairy Tales series.

Word Count: 160,000 Words!

Please note that this story contains explicit erotic and sexual content and is intended only for persons over the age of 18. By downloading and opening this document, you are stating that you are of legal age to access and view this work of fiction. Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised.

This work of fiction is the product of the author’s imagination. Any similarities to real life characters, places and events are unintended and purely coincidental.

Please further note that all characters depicted are of legal adult age (at least 21 or older).

1. Sexing it up Shower-room Style
2. Cute Country Cowboy
3. Hunky Customer in Dressing Room
4. Hot Daddy
5. Sexy Intern
6. Muscle Worship
7. Tantric Sex with Hot Asian
8. Hunky Bus Driver
9. Photo-Shoot with Beefy Football Player
10. My Brother's Hot Friend
11. The Bitten Peach Luxury Resort - Room Service of a Sexual Nature
12. Getting It On with the Hunky Real Estate Agent
13. The Stud Next Door
14. My Mouthwatering TA
15. The Handyman's Sexual Services
16. My Sister's Ex-boyfriend
17. An Erotic Time at The Bitten Peach Luxury Resort (Jacuzzi)
18. The Bitten Peach Luxury Resort - The Dancer at the Strip Club
19. The Bitten Peach Luxury Resort - Fun in the Sauna with the Italian Stallion
20. The Bitten Peach Luxury Resort - Wet Sex in the Swimming Pool
21. My Roommate’s Hot Dad
22. Sexy Papi in the Tent
23. No Refractory Period
24. A Pool Boy Story
25. A College Boy Story
26. A Hard Man is Good to Find (A Gay Erotica Novelette)
27. Latent Homoerotic Desire (Homoerotic Romance Novella 1)
28. My Brother's Hot Friend Chad (Homoerotic Romance Novella 2)
29: Erotic Gay Tales 11: The Sexy Frenchman
30. Erotic Gay Tales 12: The Dominant Asian Jock
31. Erotic Gay Tales 13: My Black Alpha Male Daddy
32. Erotic Gay Tales 14: My Son’s Twink Best Friend
33. Erotic Gay Tales 15: My Straight Latino Friend
34. Erotic Gay Tales 16: My Hero the Fireman
35. Erotic Gay Tales 17: My Army Sex Buddy
36. Erotic Gay Tales 18: The Cowboy Trainer
37. Erotic Gay Tales 19: The Phantom Beach Guy
38. Erotic Gay Tales 20: My Teacher Taught Me
39. Erotic Gay Tales 21: Diary of a Horny Swimmer – Part 1
40. Erotic Gay Tales 22: Diary of a Horny Swimmer – Part 2
41. Erotic Gay Tales 23: Diary of a Horny Swimmer – Part 3
42. Gay Fairy Tales 1: Sleeping Handsome
43. Gay Fairy Tales 2: Hunky and the Beast
44. Gay Fairy Tales 3: The Magic Cock in Gay Heaven
45. Gay Fairy Tales 5: The Merman and the Island of Homos, Part 1
46. Gay Fairy Tales 6: The Merman and the Island of Homos, Part 2
47. Gay Fairy Tales 7: The Merman and the Island of Homos, Part 3

Fiction & Literature
2 August
Nathan J Morissey

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