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As the atmosphere on Mars got thinner, the geophysical department wanted to increase the heat in Mars core. There were some scientists that wanted to plant more trees, and grass. We could get the water from the pools. Professor Ishland won the voting. He prepared to increase the thermal heat by exploding a thermonuclear device deep inside Mars. To drill the hole, and explode the device worked perfect, and the heat from the core had been increased as hoped for. After some time, seven smaller volcano's erupted, and gave Mars some needed extra soil. Then one day Olympus Mons erupted, and the lave flow, and the pyroclastic flow, killed more than half of Mars population. Professor Ishland took the easy way out, and shot himself. The rest of the scientists put out a vote, should we leave Mars, or as we are Martians stay and take what is coming. As there were now less than ten million citizens left, the new voting was, should we leave for another planet, or should we stay on Mars? Four hundred fifty-one persons decided to move to the third planet. Four space ships were built to take these people to the third planet, while the rest said, I am born on Mars, I would like to die on Mars. The close to five hundred people that elected to move to this third planet, were a good assortment of trade, and scientific people. After four years on Earth, there was only two left. The rest had died of many different reasons. The local natives, early stone age people, thought the Martians were Gods coming from the sky.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
Bo Widerberg

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