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Mathematics is a natural part of our everyday lives, although we often do not give the matter much thought. Size, weight, shape and correlation between objects, all have an element of mathematics in them. Everyday Geometry - Area Calculation, takes a closer look at how mathematics can be used to calculate the area of anything from a house terrace to a famous square.

This book is designed to be used at several educational levels in mathematics classes in upper secondary or high school, as well as further education colleges and adult education centres, or in interdisciplinary courses and projects related to the topic of mathematics.

The book aims to give the reader an insight into how mathematics can be used in everyday life. By working through the book, the reader will learn to calculate the area of a variety of geometric shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, parallelograms and circles. Along the way, the reader will gain an understanding of the formulas used to calculate areas by carrying out tasks to work out how these formulas are arrived at. 

Throughout the book there is focus on knowledge being conveyed not only through the text, but also through a series of interactive features in the form of images, film, animations and student-motivating assignments. The reader is thus actively  involved in examining the questions which the book focuses on, for example by making animated explanations of how formulas for areas are derived in Explain Everything and by calculating the areas of famous squares such as St Peter's Square in Rome using the app Distance Measure.

February 20
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