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The chief prosecution witness in the Moors Murders trial gives his account of the case after more than four decades of silence

Despite standing as chief prosecution witness in the Moors Murders trial, David Smith was vilified by the public due to the accusations thrown at him by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady about his involvement in their crimes. Hindley's later confession that she and Brady had lied in an attempt to reduce their sentences did little to diminish the slurs against his name.

For over four decades, Smith was asked by writers and film-makers to tell his story. Apart from a handful of brief interviews, he always refused. Carol Ann Lee met Smith during her research for One of Your Own, her critically acclaimed biography of Hindley, following which he finally agreed to reveal all.

In Evil Relations (previously published as Witness), interviews, archival research and, most significantly, David Smith's own vivid memoir are fused to create an unforgettable, often harrowing account of his life before, during and after the Moors Murders.

David Smith lived in rural Ireland with his wife prior to his death in May 2012. He is survived by four children and several grandchildren.

Carol Ann Lee is an acclaimed biographer and has written extensively on the Holocaust. Her most recent publication, One of Your Own, focused on the life and death of Myra Hindley.

April 20
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Unstable MABLE ,

Evil relations

After reading this book I really feel for David smith he has spent his life living with people despising him and being tormented by what happened that night, just put yourself in his shoes what would you of done that night! After seeing all that horror in that house I would of gone along with it frightened for my own life knowing what they were capable of, that main thing to remember is that David smith did the right thing after he got out of that house and that took guts knowing that he might not of Been believed for his part in this HE DID PUT AN END TO THE KILLINGS AND PUT THOESE TWO EVIL SICK PEOPLE BEHIND BARS ,
Other wise how many more people would of been Murderd !!
At least he is at peace now in heaven and won't have to see hindley or Brady in hell where they belong,

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