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This is the second book in the series ‘Help your child master numeracy’ written by dyscalculia expert Ronit Bird. This series provides parents with practical ideas for activities and games designed to help their child develop a better feel for numbers.

The idea that drives this book is that we should be teaching numeracy for understanding, in a hands-on and multi-sensory way, and not through rote-learning or memorised tricks and procedures. Working with Cuisenaire rods is an ideal way to explore numbers and the relationships between numbers in a way that enables children to discover facts for themselves and develop true conceptual understanding.

Embedded throughout the book are a total of 30 demonstration videos with a total running time of 2 hours. These videos show you exactly what to do and what to say as you work through the games and activities with your child.

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17 September
Ronit Bird

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void 🤑 ,


My 9 yo left school with anxiety and a maths phobia so it was up to to me home ed him and help him grow. I had tried so many different approaches to help him with his number facts but it wasn’t until I started using this book that his confidence began to grow. We had attempted column addition and place value in the past but it just made ‘no sense’ to him. However, following this step by step, using the verbal teaching prompts, it all of sudden clicked for him. He even asks to do column addition work upto 100’s using ‘carry over’ because he is 'good at it' - something I never dreamed would happen.
I can’t thank Ronit enough for putting this together in such an easy to follow and appealing way. We couldn’t get any assessments for my son, but this has given him a brilliant base for number facts, which he will carry with him into the future.
Next to tackle the multiplication and division books.

UmairSaleem ,


Cuisenaire Rods are arguably the greatest maths teaching tool ever invented. This book is a must if you want to teach primary school mathematics at its best. Any teacher would be incomplete unless they have read this. The videos are excellent with great activities for the student to grasp a concept. Ronit has continued the legacy....Cuisenaire, Gattegno, Bird.

Cycling17 ,

Exploring Numbers Through Cuisenaire Rods

This is a very well-structured iBook that will prove invaluable to teachers and parents alike. The book is very accessible, especially with the accompanying videos, photographs and diagrams. Basic mathematical concepts are explained and developed gradually, and exploration and experimentation are encouraged. Ideas for resources and games are included and demonstrated, making this iBook even more attractive and fun. Overall, this is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to help learners gain a secure understanding of numbers.

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