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A fast-paced, dramatic, funny and occasionally disturbing account of Peter Ratcliffe's 25-year career in the SAS. It is laced with first-hand descriptions of ferocious and bloody fighting, sudden death and incredible heroism, and peopled with a cast of extraordinary individuals, hard-fighting soldiers of every rank and background.

May 25
Michael O' Mara Books

Customer Reviews

Gnome malo ,

Honesty and integrity

At last a book that puts to bed some of the fantasises written by two other authors where the truth and historic value of a failed mission through attitude costs lives. This account is a no nonsense approach where the authors honesty and integrity towards how his story was portrayed has one not wanting to put the book down.
The best account I've read to date BZ Sir. Per Mare Per Terram.

Yompsong ,

Honest and Informative

This book leaves many of its peers behind. You get a personal account of a long military career, dits, and lots of background and factual information. What makes it so very special though, is that it puts into context many of the Gulf war SF books, that sometimes did not cover themselves in glory.
The understatement is enormous, there is no hype - just hard fact, which if you think about it for a moment is pretty hard hitting.

Well-written and thoughtful, it vies with another favourite of mine “CQB”, both books coming across as honest accounts from accomplished men.

Saltytam ,

Eye of the storm...

Superb read, I couldn't put it down...
Makes you feel proud to be british.. By the far the most believable gulf memoir I've read.. A must read!

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