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Piper McCoy has a special gift, which is the ability to see what others can’t. Sometimes she sees dark spirits from below, while other times she sees visions from above. Hellish nightmares and heavenly dreams further give her a glimpse into the spiritual warfare that has been waged between God’s Angel Army and Satan’s demons on the earth.

She knows that her special abilities will help her to achieve her calling, which is to spread the good news of Christianity to all who will listen. And that’s important, because some of her friends and family members don’t believe. She uses her abilities to prioritize the targets of her evangelistic messages, yet keeps her abilities a secret. No one would believe her if she told them. Her family proved that.

More than anything, Piper wants to marry Nick. After three years of dating, she feels it’s time to take the relationship to the next level, yet Nick doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, though he says he loves her. Approaching her mid-twenties with the desire to have a large family, Piper wants to change that. She fears, however, that his promise to forego drinking if they ever married is hindering his decision. He enjoys drinking too much. She also fears that her own flaws have been exposed to her almost perfect boyfriend.

Nick's faith and strong character serve as an inspiration to Piper, who grows in her own faith and character. Over the years, she observes several instances in which the faith of her friends is tested, yet when her own faith is tested she crumbles and turns away from God. The test is too much for her to endure.

Fiction & Literature
July 12
S.J. Thomason

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