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This is a collection of 4 erotic short stories. The stories in this collection include:

F****d by My Best Friend's Dad

Tina is asked by her friend Raven to cover for her when she goes out to spend the night with her boyfriend. When she gets caught in the lie though, the consequences are a little more than Tina was expecting. Her friend's father intends to teach the young girl a lesson in sex that she will never forget. And she won't leave with her virginity intact.

F*****g Teacher for an A

Samantha is a model student, but when she is suspected of cheating on an exam, she must prove to her professor that she wasn't. The professor needs a lot of convincing and Samantha, though infatuated with him, isn't sure if she is willing to submit to his every desire. When it's over, though, she really hopes she gets an "A" for effort.

F*****g the Hottest Witch Ever

Evan is dragged to a gravesite by his best friend, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Rena. While at the grave, Evan is suddenly surprised when Rena gives him a blow job and Ryan looks on not caring. He is even more surprised when he finds out the whole thing is part of a ritual designed to bring back an ancient desire. Little does Evan know, but he is destined to screw a couple witches in his future.

F*****g the Office Intern

Rich is upset that he's been forced to work so late recently. But one night, as he's burning the midnight oil, he hears something coming from another cubicle. To his surprise he finds Vicky, the office intern, masturbating in her cubicle. Rich decides a little blackmail is needed to get Vicky to do what he wants, and what he wants is to have her legs wrapped around him.

The stories in this collection involve intense sexual situation between adult characters.

Fiction & Literature
December 30
J.M. Christopher

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