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Aidan Black has always lived his life as a rogue bad boy with a wandering eye. Since settling down into a live-in relationship with his girlfriend, Lauren, he’s channeled his penchant for corrupting naive girls and turning them into dirty playthings into a fledgling career as an erotica author. Lauren longs for a long-term commitment and begins to suspect that his efforts are just an excuse to keep up his online flirtations. Aidan insists that he’s always harbored a true passion for writing, and what better topic to explore than his own kinkiest fantasies. As long as he keeps his amusements online, there’s no real danger of straying, is there?

Everything begins to shift when his online activities start getting followed and trailed by an over-enthusiastic fan named Lilah. Soon, the femme fatale brunette is crushing on him hard and Aidan realizes that he may have finally met his match when it comes to sexual extremes. Lilah is no submissive little girl, however. She wants to turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine when it comes to total submission, and warns him upfront that she won’t take no to for an answer. Aidan’s reluctance to her persistent strap-on fantasies have him sweating and soon he’s trying to avoid all contact with her, yet there seems to be no escape.

As Aidan tries to juggle his relationship with Lauren and Lilah’s unwanted attention, everything comes to a head on one dark night when the lines finally begin to blur between fantasy and reality.

Fiction & Literature
June 7
Lush Stories

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