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Amanda Southerland has a job she loves and a solid relationship with a man who looks great on paper. If it all feels a little hollow, so what? She's got nothing to complain about. Her life is running like clockwork. That is until she slides down the side of a mountain and crashes into the cocky gym rat who's exactly the kind of guy she avoids. He's all muscle, no finesse, and if she can't stop thinking about him, it's just because he irritates her. Nothing more.

Michael Dean's finally opened the gym of his dreams. He doesn't have time for a relationship and he's absolutely not looking for love - not until the beautiful rock climber practically falls into his lap. Meeting Amanda has reordered his priorities, even if she's stubbornly racing toward a future with the wrong guy. She may not know that he's her happily ever after, but he's determined to make her fall again – right into his arms.

1 December
Evelyn Adams

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Riverdaffyd ,

A satisfying read

A good read, a little bit different in setting to most books. Amanda is an expert rock climber and Michael, a gym owner, goes to her to learn more about it, he has a client who wants to enter a team into a competition where they have to compete in various sport activities, and he wants to be as good as he can be to help the team train for the event. He insists he wants to attempt the extremely difficult Rainy Day Women route, Amanda tries to dissuade him as it is extremely difficult, but he is determined to try. Once they get going he realises it is beyond his capabilities, but it is Amanda who falls, and injures her ankle.

It is Amanda's boyfriend Ethan who is organising the event, to impress his boss, but in the various practice sessions he refuses to listen to advice, and tries to advise the other team members, not knowing what he us talking about, and it makes everyone worse. He had been unable to raise a complete team from the office, Amanda and her brother and sister step in to make up the numbers. Not that he is at all grateful, and he persuades another climber to give him and his boss more climbing experience, doesn't listen to any of the instruction, and falls and breaks his leg. Michael steps in to take his place so the team can still be in the competition, and they improve their skills greatly, until Ethan comes back to instruct from the sidelines.

Amanda and .Michael have an instant attraction to each other, but don't act on it because of Amanda's relationship with Ethan, but he is starting to wear on her nerves, he never turns up for anything that involves her family, he always has an excuse; and she realises that he is extremely selfish. Michael makes that clear to her in the way he is genuinely interested in her family and enjoys spending time with them. When the tipping point comes and she tells Ethan she wants to call time on their relationship it allows the feelings that she and Michael have for each other to blossom. It is not all plain sailing though, a few pitfalls along the way. A satisfying read.

The epilogue is not actually part of this story, it is the introduction to the second book in the series.

I received a copy of this book from the author, but it is my choice to write a review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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