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This isn't how my life is supposed to end.

Then again, a case of mistaken identity got me here. No one is ever who we think they are. Especially my kidnapper, a man whose entire life is designed to deceive.

Powerful people want my rescuer to die. I'm just a lure. A pawn. An object.

But objects hold meaning. Emotions attach themselves without logic.

Like love.

I now know that Duff will do everything to protect me.

If he gets here in time. And if I can hold on long enough.

Because my body can only handle so much. Pushed to the limits, it's finally giving out. Giving way.

Giving up.

I know Duff, though.

He never will.


Read the stunning conclusion to USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine’s False series, told from both Lily and Duff’s points of view.

January 15
Prosaic Press, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Trici@50 ,

A multi layered world

False Start jumps right into the story where False Hope ended, something I appreciate about this series. We are given no reprieve from the intensity of the story for a good portion of the book, the suspense actually increasing, as we’re taken on a wild ride. There’s a lot going on here, the plot is quite complex and you need to keep your wits about you. The whole concept of this multi layered world is very clever with individual stories coming to their own conclusion, whilst there’s another bigger scenario continuing in the background.

I enjoyed False Start, although I would say it’s not my favourite book of the series, not quite as breath stealing as the previous ones. Lily and Duff’s story arc draws to a close and although they get their resolution, the intrigue is by no means over. As many questions are answered, more arrive to take their place. I’m not sure how to describe what’s going on behind the political scenes. Corruption maybe? World domination? Whatever it is, this organisation has deep roots. I’m eager to find out who, and why, and what happens next.

CeeCeeHouston ,

Wow, what a way to finish as series!

False Start is the third and last book in the ‘False’ trilogy and it most definitely cannot be read as a standalone. Don’t even try, you’ll be so lost and just uggh… don’t do it, okay?
I’m so glad the wait between these books has been relatively short, although, if you’re like me, you’ll have been on tenterhooks while waiting, breathlessly for the book to drop into your e-reader.
So, now the conclusion has arrived and we get down and dirty, picking up right where book 2 left off. It’s really hard to go into in details without, you guessed it- SPOILERS- and we can’t have that. Suffice it to say, you’re going to get one heck of a ride, a twisty, turny one as only Meli can deliver.
Duff’s doing his damnedest to rescue Lily. there’s threats from all over and he’s running out of time, but will he make it?
And will the bad guy get what’s coming to him. He certainly deserves everything that hits him.
But, as there is an underlying and overall arc to these stories, starting with the ‘Harmless trilogy and following with the ‘Shameless’ trio, the whole truth may not have come out.
But, for now, we’ve reached the end of this trilogy that was choke-a-block with mystery and suspense. And it’s not over yet. A whole new series begins in the fall with Stateless and it features Duff’s brother. More danger, more intrigue… More. Meli.

Seaside Lover ,

False Start

OMG the tension, the drama, the suspense, the nerve racking scenes all contribute to this absolutely brilliant conclusion to Meli Raine's latest trilogy.

My attention was captured from page one and I cannot recommend this book too highly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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