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At long last, Jessica finds Rick again in a pub picking up women of all things, typical. She's furious that he bit her neck the last time but more curious about what an eternity as a vampire entails. With nowhere to escape, Rick brings her back to his real apartment this time, preparing to reveal his vampire secret and more… This is the second title in the 'Fangs of a Vampire' trilogy. [WARNING: This steamy 3700 word erotic story contains explicit scenes and graphic language recounting a tale of passionate sex with a vampire. Adults only.] Excerpt: His apartment is a lot less fancy that I expect. Granted the first time we did it in a stranger's house, he got my expectations way up. "This is it?" I ask, standing in the doorway. "Why? Not good enough for you?" "No, I mean, I half expected you to live in an ancient castle or something with a coffin in your bedroom." He resists breaking into another round of annoying laughter as I glare at him, daring him to do it again. "Ha, it's not like that Jessica. Even we vampires do keep up with the times otherwise we'll stand out." "You mean there's more of you?" Like I should be surprised about that, if vampires like Rick exist with the ability to turn other people into one, then the possibility of other vampires shouldn't sound that absurd. "Yep," he nods, "there's a whole coven of us, as far as I know. I don't like living with them though. I prefer meeting people who are more… alive." I step in, ignoring the unimpressive interior. I don't feel attracted to him for his wealth or anything superficial like that. I guess it's more out of a morbid mix of curiosity and passion for he's a really great lover after all. He holds out his arms and I let him carry me into his bedroom. There really isn't a coffin in here. I guess even vampires can't resist the wave of modernization. It feels like the magical first time all over again, that out of all the girls in the bar, I was the one that blew him away. Gently, I relax as he rests me onto the bed. I grab and bury my face as deeply as I can into his pillow. It smells like him. Yup, this really is his place. I'm glad that he isn't lying this time. His hand reaches in and separates the pillow from my face in an unhurried manner. A small gasp subconsciously escapes my mouth as he brings his face close to mine, until our foreheads touch, sending a fresh jolt of excitement rippling through me. Am I in love with him? I don't know. But do I want his body to ravish me again? Most definitely.

Fiction & Literature
March 29
Annabel Bastione

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