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“Fantasies of a Perverted Woman” is written in a humorous, irreverent style to both entertain as well as titillate. One of my readers, Sujac has written, “First review I've ever written and I've read a lot of erotica, BDSM, etc. This book (Author's note: Review was of "Urban Legend: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso's Adult Video's and Toy's") was a riot. Creative, hot, hysterically funny erotica and BDSM. BDSM funny? Yes! The way Ellioto writes it. I was laughing out loud while cringing at the same time. Loved the book so much I'm now reading everything he's written. This author has a truly twisted mind and I love it." (reviewed within a week of purchase). All of my books are written in the same way. "Fantasies of a Perverted Woman" is a full length novel at over 45,000 words.

Martha Merriam is not your average 35 year old. Beautiful, athletic and with a new pair of outrageous tits, she’s as horny as a cat in heat and just as determined to do something about it. She realizes that her sex life, on life support after 15 years of marriage, needs a difibulator to get it started back up. After successfully seducing Jack Deacon, the high school stud, into a morning of enthusiastic, no-holds-barred sex (see When MILF’s Attack!), Jack invites Martha to his home for the afternoon to continue their debauchery. He even promises to satisfy her greatest unfulfilled fantasy: sex with two horny men. Martha gets that and way more as she unexpectedly meets Jack’s beautiful but kinky friends-with-benefits. Lesbianism has no bounds as the two teenage girls find it impossible to keep their hands off the older woman. Martha goes with the flow, her incredible sex drive insisting that she push her boundaries with these four enthusiastic and very buff teens. Delightfully disgusted with her perversity, instead of backing off, she double downs.
Then there is Jack Deacon. He is not your average teenager. Handsome, athletic and an honor student, he is considered a natural leader by his teachers and class mates. He also has the largest package of any boy in Brookline High. Eager to explore, looking for more experienced partners, he enthusiastically accepts Martha’s advances. They decide, along with his teen lovers, that the upcoming summer vacation would be used to discover themselves and achieve their ultimate goal. The goal? Finding out what extremes must be taken with their minds and bodies to give themselves the hardest most mind blowing orgasms possible.
How is this possible? Simply jump feet first and with no hesitation into the most outrageous sexual situations they can concoct for themselves.
Check out the inexpensive Compilation, "When MILF's Attack! The Compilation", that includes this book, "When MILF's Attack!", "Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights" and "Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair." At 189,000 words, it will leave you breathless.

Fiction & Literature
14 December
BB Ellioto

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