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From International Best Selling Author comes a brand new stand alone.

Five days in Paris sounded like a great idea for three friends. Especially when amazing wine was in play.

It didn't matter that our rented "apartment" only had one bed, and barely enough space to breathe. We were in Paris and our motto was c'est la vie.

Nothing would faze us, not even the rude waiter at the first restaurant we went to, or the insanely hot manager who was insulted when a bottle of wine was returned.

Nothing could bring me down or knock me off my path to the best vacation of my life.


I had six days in Paris and then I'd go back to my wine vineyard. It was smooth sailing until three "Americans" came into the restaurant and returned my newest full-bodied, savory creation.

I ignored her until she stormed out of the restaurant looking for a taxi at one in the morning. I couldn't leave her wandering around the streets of Paris, could I?

I'd give her a ride, make sure she was safe, and my duty would be done. Except, was it?

Something about her pulled me.

This could be a vacation fling. After all, there is no real reason for her to know my interesting secret.

I'm France's most eligible bachelor.

This 'faux pair' is almost a faux pas...

27 September
Natasha Madison

Customer Reviews

Lallyloo09 ,

Swoon-worthy and sexy!

When Meghan and her two besties, Kate and Diana have a girls night in, they drink a bit too much wine and decide to go to Paris! They have a bucket list of things they want to see and do, but one thing that isn’t on there is ‘find a sexy Frenchman and have a holiday fling’! But Meghan ends up doing exactly that!

After complaining about the wine and the staff in a fancy restaurant, they meet the brooding Alex, the owner of said restaurant. What begins as just an attraction ends up being so much more, but with the girls only in Paris for a few days, will Meghan and Alex be able to walk away at the end of it?

Meghan is a strong, independent woman who has her own business. She is completely unaware of how beautiful she really is, that is, until Alex. After misinterpreting how Alex feels about her, she gets the shock of her life when he reveals how he truly feels.

What follows is one of the most romantic, swoon worthy holiday romances I’ve ever read! I really didn’t know what to expect when I began reading this book, as with many holiday romances it’s easy to fall into the fairytale of it all. Now, while this is fairytale-ish, there is also still elements of real life relatable issues.
I’ve found that Natasha is one of the very best at bringing both together and producing the most amazing stories for us all to curl up and get lost in. I’m yet to find one of hers that hasn’t had this affect on me!

Alex is the perfect gentleman once he can control the affect Meghan unknowingly has on him, while also very much being the dominant, dirty talking hottie we all look for in these books in the bedroom!!!

Basically, everything about this book, from it’s stunning cover to the gorgeous story inside is complete perfection, and I highly recommend it!

5 HUGE stars from me! X

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