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BECAUSE HOME IS: A UK returnee to Nigeria figures out not just how to leave a toxic relationship with dignity, but also how to deal with rejection from family. A grateful couple on the verge of their 24th wedding anniversary reflect on what fear of rejection nearly caused. A man surrounded or influenced by women - seen through the prism created by his own demons - desperately tries to find peace. An immigrant to Nigeria goes on a "journey of one's", to beat the odds and find her purpose when she learns how to be a good radio personality and figures out how to become a business mogul. "Because Home Is" is a short story collection about finding home, going home, and being home.

IFECHIDERE: When Ifechidere loses both parents before the age of six, she has to live with her uncle, his wife and their two children in the village of Nimbo. Made to toil from dusk to dawn, Ifechidere learns how to deal with rejection from family.

Centred around an abuse victim determined to beat the odds, IFECHIDERE is a coming of age short story that can be used as a case study in family life education.

MURDER AT MIDNIGHT: When a vivacious woman, Maria Marshall is found murdered in her room at the Kinging Guest Lodge, everyone living in the guesthouse is a suspect.

The gallery of suspects includes an amateur astronomer, a tortured artist, an ebullient preacher, the guesthouse owner, a faded sporting hero who is now a recovering drug addict, and the victim's own mother. With her razor sharp wit, acerbic tongue and sharp knitting needles, Mrs. Marshall is a woman in a wheelchair whose love triangle advice, Maria never cared for. There's also Alex Simpson, an ex-police officer who is at the guest house for the home cooked meals and serene environment, this time. And the last time Alex was here, another young woman committed suicide in the same room where Maria was found with a knife in her chest...

SURVIVAL: As far as secondary school competitions go, the annual African Colleges Competition is as prestigious as it gets. But when the plane carrying a group of Nigerian students to South Africa for the annual African Colleges Competition, crashes into a Congolese jungle instead, the stakes have never been higher.

SURVIVAL takes you on a journey to find who will beat the odds when they're thrust by Fate into hostile and unfamiliar territory. The only child of a wealthy businessman who wishes for a better family life, the sports champion, the human encyclopedia, the school bully or another student from the posh private school in Abuja? And there's also the issue of "what" will survive – friendships, first loves, innocence, sanity, sense of right and wrong, and hopes for the future...

FOREVER THERE FOR YOU:If anyone had told Nadine that she would ever wonder how to leave a toxic marriage, she would have called them 'crazy'. But now with her marriage falling apart at the seams, Nadine tries to hold onto her sanity as she realises she is completely unprepared. There are some things that her rich Igbo businessman father and her famous event planner mother didn't teach their only child.

As she tries to survive and make the most of the curves that life has thrown her, Nadine finds that ’success’ is a subjective term. Will one of London's youngest and brightest female lawyers beat the odds of surviving an abusive marriage, or work up the courage to leave a toxic relationship with dignity?

Fiction & Literature
March 30
The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd

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