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Men are douchebags!  I'm sorry, but there's just no other way to put it and they can't deny it. They only want one thing from us, girls.  Then, just as you're about to give it to them, they dump you like a hot rock because their mommy says you're not good enough for their little boy.  Seriously, bitch?  I'll show you not good enough with my fist in your nose.

Then I get assigned to work for Tanner Wright, the bad boy billionaire CEO who thinks his money, good looks, and big bulge in his jeans can get him whatever he wants.  And what he wants at the moment is to get into this girl's pants.  What he doesn't know is, that's a place where no man has gone before.

The guy's a billionaire douchebag and I'm a reluctant virgin. That combination could make for a very interesting workplace, indeed.


It's a lot of pressure, living up to a reputation like mine.  You just try being a billionaire bad boy CEO for a week and see how you handle things.  I'll bet you end up in the press more than I do!

When you have the looks, money, charm, and bedroom skills that I have, the world is your oyster.  So many mansions to buy, exotic cars to drive, yachts to captain, and so many women to… well… you know what the ladies want from Mr. Wright.

So, when Candice Carlson is assigned to work on a project for my company, it's only fitting that I give her a shot at the brass ring.  She's young and brilliant and beautiful.  And there's something mysterious about her that draws me to her like a moth to a flame.

She can try to resist all she wants, but when Tanner Wright wants something, you can bet the bank that he will get it; one way or another.

March 1
Amy Brent

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effinguselesstech ,


Ok ish storyline , characters predictable but what annoyed me most was the typos. Poor editing for such a short story. Do these people self edit?? Read quite a lot of chick lit with appalling spelling errors and it seems to be becoming the norm??? The better books seem to be better edited. Surely it’s not just me??? I don’t write and I guess editors or proof readers cost but surely these errors could have been picked up by a friend ??? Just saying. One part referenced the teenage film actress ‘Lizzie’Lohan is she related to Lindsay Lohan, the actual actress of teenage films!!! I’m just getting a little jaded by market saturation of the same old same old and where you’re either a) expected to buy 10 books in a row, just to finish a bloody storyline that was just a re hash of the previous ones or b) put up with inaccuracies right, left and centre.
On the plus, to be fair this was a stand alone but weak at that with a bit immature naughty words😁 if you get my drift.... to the point I thought possibly a teenage boy had written it. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to stop reading this mindless smut😁😁😁. However, I have read a lot worse.

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