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Katie is a college freshman, but so far she's not enjoying it. She doesn't find college life exciting in the slightest - and to top it all she is being kept up at night by a bunch of noisy Frat boys. So she decides to play it sneaky and calls the cops on them. But little does she know that the Frat is a force to be reckoned with - and she's going to pay for what she's done - but who's to say she won't end up feeling some pleasure along the way...

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"We know you did something really sneaky tonight, Katie" Bradley said, eyeing me suspiciously. I went visibly pale, as they both looked at me. How did they know I'd called the cops on them? How could they possibly know that? I didn't even give the cops my name!

"And you have to understand, Katie, that we have to look after the best interests of the frat. We need to teach you a lesson."

The next couple of seconds were utterly confusing! They both launched into action and were all over me at once. Bradley ran his hands through my hair and yanked me towards him, kissing me roughly. Tristan dropped to the floor in front of me and ran his hand up my leg, kissing my bare thighs softly. It was sensational!

Then a flash of pain hit me as Tristan grabbed my hair and tugged my head back suddenly. He dragged me across the bed so that I was draped over the side. I squealed with pain as he positioned me there and then hunched over me, breathing deeply. I realised at that moment that I liked it rough!

Warning! This ebook contains adult themes and graphic depictions of sexual acts between adults. Do not download this ebook if you are offended by adult themes such as rough sex, college student sex, a**l virgin sex, bondage or hard domination fantasy.

Fiction & Literature
March 17
Honey Pot Productions