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I'm a former Navy SEAL and mercenary for hire. I'm one disciplined, hard-nosed, tough as nails, son of a bitch.  And I've fought bad guys all over the word… Iraq… Afghanistan… Pakistan… Africa… I'm not afraid of any man or anything.  Nothing rattles me. Nothing. Then I learn that my wife is dead back in the states and my regimented world is turned upside down.  She's not only dead, but she's dead with another guy's baby in her womb.  And deep inside, I know it could be my fault.

Ben Ryder… Fine, I'll admit it. I was never the best husband or father.  In ten years of marriage I was gone a lot, leaving Bethany to hold down the fort and raise our son, Cody, all alone. But that's the life of a SEAL's wife, the life she signed up for.  When I shipped out two months ago she told me she wanted a divorce.  Now I learn that she died while carrying another guy's baby.  It was not quite the homecoming I'd hoped for, especially when I learn that her death might not have been an accident as everyone first thought.

Then I meet her, Lolita, the hot nineteen-year-old sex kitten next door. I spy on her when she's alone in her backyard pool, floating naked on a raft with her fingers busy between her legs. She knows I'm watching her. Touching myself.  My hand in rhythm with hers.  I know she can feel my eyes burning into her body like the laser sight on my assault rifle.

Soon, she's in my bed and in my life, a wonderful distraction at a horrible time. I should be awash in guilt and sadness, but it's hard to be sad when Lolita wraps her long, lovely legs around my waist and begs me to take her over the moon. In her arms, I feel like the luckiest man alive, at least until reality sets back in and the truth about my wife's death is slowly revealed…

Lolita Carter… My mother named me after that girl in the movie, Lolita.  You know the one, it's about this teenage girl who seduces a much older man and slowly drives him insane.  I'm not out to drive anyone crazy—at least not like that— but I can't help the things I feel and do when I know the hot Navy SEAL next door is watching me.  I know his wife just died, but looking at his muscled chest and shoulders and handsome face just makes me melt in my bikini bottoms.   I kept help that I'm just nineteen-years-old in a body like this, with the sex drive of a nymphomaniac and a craving for older men.  But I get the feeling he feels the same way I do. There is something about the way he looks at me, the way he licks his lips when his eyes drift slowly over my body.  He's a dirty boy, all right, a Filthy SEAL.  And I want to be his dirty girl.

March 1
Amy Brent

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