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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings us a snarky and sassy small-town romantic comedy full of a swoon-worthy billionaire, a second chance romance and big laughs.

Sometimes what you're looking for is right where you left it.

Every summer Mane Cantú came to Luna Harbor to visit his grandfather. 

When we were teenagers we fell in love.

We promised to be each other’s forever.

He promised to come back for me. 

Spoiler alert: he broke all of the promises.

I grew up, but that big heartbreak was it for me. I built a successful lavender farm and a shop and that’s now my only priority. 

All is well until Mane’s grandfather falls ill and all the Cantú family comes back to Luna Harbor. For good.

What’s worse is that Mane’s now famous. Like, real-life famous, not Luna Harbor famous. He made a name for himself with his band and he and his perfect face dare to open a bar next to my store with his bandmates.

Well, he may have started the war, but I plan to finish it.

Except now we’re seeing each other everywhere, and I’m starting to remember the way we used to be.

Still, I’m sticking to my guns. I’m not falling for the prodigal son.

Until one kiss changes everything.

11 October
Cyburg Ink, LLC

Customer Reviews

CeeCeeHouston ,

Missing your hit from the guys and gals in Baker’s Creek?

Then look no further than Finally You, book#1 in the ‘Luna Harbor’ series by Claudia Burgoa. This is a spin-off from the much loved Aldridge brothers’ series and gives glimpses into their continuing story.
But, the main focus is on Manelik Cantu and Nydia Vega-Knapp, two estranged lovers who once thought their love would last forever, but certain events in the past have culminated in mis-conceptions and broken promises.
Manelik is the drummer with the world famous Too Far From Grace, and as such has left his small town behind, but only after he and Nydia were torn apart a decade earlier.
Nydia owns a small lavender product business which is struggling to stay afloat when Manelik’s manager asks to lease her home for the band. She doesn’t know it’s Mane’s band but as she needs the cash injection for her store, she feels her hand is forced and capitulates to Lang’s demands.
There’s a lot of history between Nydia and Mane, most is caused by their lack of communication over the years and the love they once shared has become bitter and twisted, at least until the are in the same room. Then the old feelings resurface, and even though they try to ignore each other and those feelings, it’s harder than they think.
This was an intriguing and at times, heart-wrenching story, but I loved it all the same. Love endures for some people, never dulling or deserting even when they think it has died. That’s how it was with these two. I loved that they got the closure they needed, and deserved before moving forward.
I can’t wait for the next book in the series; I really wish it was Mane’s twin sister’s though, as her story sounds like it will be just as much of a roller-coaster as her brother’s was.

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