Find your perfect Dog Breed! How to choose the right dog

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*** The only e-book that helps you to find the dog particularly suited to you ***

You are looking for the perfect companion for yourself and your family? This e-book in detail describes the 170 most common dog breeds in Europe! 

UNIQUE about this book: sorted according to the dogs’ keeping requirements – from very easy to very difficult – so that you can quickly find the right dog for you.

All the breeds included here are internationally acknowledged by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Also, there are high quality photos to each breed.

The special thing about this e-book though is the sophisticated identification system that allows you to identify the dog suited to you. For a better overview the dogs have thus first been categorised according to their demand of keeping and, in a next step, according to their size. This considerably facilitates the search for a suitable dog.

Of essential help for a quick and easy search are the pictograms developed by experts and designers. These serve as guideposts to each dog and are illustrated on the left hand side of the book.

This e-book was developed by a team of passionate dog and animal lovers as well as biologists, vets, and experts for professional dog keeping.

Thanks to the deployment of renowned and professional designers the handling of this book is easy and intuitive for everyone.

*** You thus here acquire the ultimate dog guide! ***

Find your perfect companion. We wish you a lot of fun and success with this e-book!


• Comprises the most frequently kept dog breeds in Europe
• Interesting facts with data regarding size and weight, origin, life expectancy, fur length and colour, temperament, barking frequency, compatibility with other dogs, suitability as a guard dog, FCI-number, -group, and -section, and of course, keeping requirements
• Despite the abundance of breeds covered in this book: In order to precisely identify a dog no previous or expert knowledge is required!
• The book contains clearly arranged facts as well as written texts to each breed. Importantly, this information have especially been tailored to the dog breeds most popular and most frequently kept in Europe.
• In nearly all cases there are 2 photos to each breed.



• Simple and quick location of the dogs suited for you due to the clearly arrange categorisation according to keeping requirements (from “very easy” to “very difficult” in the right hand top corner and the further subdivision according to size.
• Of essential help for identification are the high quality large-scale photos which show the dogs in their natural environment. Amongst others, these images stem from renowned photographers of the nature photo agency SUNBIRD IMAGES. The images have been chosen amongst thousands in order to enable the most certain identification and choice of dogs. Especially the careful selection of photos is essential here as it is of no use to the buyer if the dog is only badly identifiable on a photo as is the case with many other e-books.
• What we also have that the others don’t: pictograms that quickly and clearly arranged show you the main characteristics and traits of a dog: 

✔  size
✔  degree of exercise required
✔  hunting instincts
✔  fond of children or rather not
✔  suited for dog sports
✔  if cuddly or not

*** Graphically well designed layout + simple to use + with clear writing *** 

We wish you lots of fun with this e-book!

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    15 March
    Sunbird Images

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