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Hunter and Susi have reluctantly found themselves with a protégé in the tattooed Gunsmith named Sniper. After preventing a cult of Demons from unleashing Death the trio had returned to Hunter’s preferred employment: Hunting the monsters that make Mortals, and Demons, afraid of the dark. But their return to hunting was short lived as an amnesiac soldier stumbled in front of their van with no memory of how he found himself in the backroads of Vermont, thousands of miles from the war-torn desert he had been in only hours before.

Danny Goodwin has no memory of the last day, and he reeks of Demon. In fact, the smell of Demon is so strong that Susi is convinced that he must be a Demon himself, an accusation that Danny vehemently denies. But when Hunter and Danny are attacked by a hellbeast in the woods, a hellbeast that almost seems to know Danny, it becomes clear that the boy is no ordinary Mortal. And when the group meets Mari, a Longing Demon who has begun to weave a story of death with Danny as her protagonist, it becomes clear that greater forces are at work.

Sniper is seeing monsters. Abbadon, the Elder God who slaughtered her family a satanic ritual, has taken Sniper’s place in her reflection and seems to be taunting her from beyond the grave. When faced with the very real possibility that she may be consumed by the thing that she hates most, Sniper is left with a choice: Fight back against the creeping insanity, or die.

Brought together seemingly by chance the group goes on a journey to discover Danny’s past. Faced with hellbeasts, a Holocaust Demon, and an army of Humans thrilled by Mari it will take every trick in Hunter and Susi’s arsenal to ensure that they come out alive. As their story unfolds the heroes find that they may not have a choice in how it ends.

Fiction & Literature
October 24
Keith Thomsen

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