Finessing The Tyrannicide

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    • £2.49

Publisher Description

Young genius fakes suicide to escape a life of exploitation by an insidious mother and sadly ends up with the same circumstances in his new life. Supremely gifted Brandon Blakely, genius with an IQ of 220 highest known on worlds record is turned over for scientific research and stem cell  study. Cursed to a life of  selfishness and tyranny by his parents. With fame and fortune   more precious than the happiness of their only child, and will stop at nothing including abuse.  Brandon, trapped with no way out. An innocent minor under his parental control is forced to be a human guinea pig for scientific study. Thru stem cell research, DNA and other genetic clinical trials. Endeavoring for society to one day be able thru the process of natural birth order intelligent children. He is the sacrificial lamb being the perfect candidate first on the worlds scene to make this hope a future reality. With  the help of one very greedy  ambitious doctor, his mother can live her dreams . He intriguingly plans a vengeful escape. Brandon, yearning a normal family life after a lost childhood decides he will redeem himself. Brandons  future plan to fake his death to escape and get even with his lifetime offenders namely his insidious mother who was a tyrant.  Realizing finessing the tyrannicide would take years to accomplish he is willing to wait. Once this has come to past, on the other side, he discovers a sad twist of fate and learns something even with his intelligence he couldn't possibly  have known or predicted.  A re- occurrence of circumstances in his new life which he has no control  but  a stronger emotional   connection. Determined never to give up believing life can be good and fair now has a reason for fighting his cause even more. Finessing the Tyrannicide takes you thru the sweeping turns and changes of Brandon's  life and undying will to live as an ordinary person  despite his gift. Until circumstances forces him to confess.  Bittersweet  with an uplifting spirit.

Fiction & Literature
11 August
Jo Allen

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