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So much can change in five minutes, from the greatest joy to the most tragic pain. In Ana Evans’ case, it was the latter, and she returns home from university early to a family full of rage and concern. In five minutes, Ford Evans watched his vibrant and outgoing daughter turn into the shell of the woman she had grown to be. In only five minutes, everything changed.

Several years ago, also in just five minutes’ time, Austin Tanner destroyed his lifelong friendship with Ana, and he feared she would never want to see him again. As a lonely, poor boy, Austin Tanner’s only shining light is younger and wealthy Ana Evans. It is the support of the Evans family that helps him through his miserable childhood, and he owes them everything. All that changed on the evening of Ana’s eighteenth birthday when youthful hormones and a deep, passionate love goes too far. Yet for Austin, Ana’s current situation is a tragic heartbreak, and his only goal is to support his childhood friend, even if she despises him like no other. He has every intention of saving Ana from herself, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, the cost is his already wounded heart.

Ford Evans will do just about anything to bring back his precious firstborn, and that includes allowing Austin back into Ana’s life. He only fears that his presence might bring more heartbreak rather than the peace they all need. While the bond between father and daughter deepens, a childhood love matures into a passionate desire that cannot be ignored, all because of five minutes.

December 20
Collette Scott

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