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Don't get drunk at a party after just being dumped by your long distance boyfriend.

Don't go hitting on the hottest guy at the party.

Even if he looks 10 years younger than you.

Even if his name's Hunter.

DON'T sleep with him when he returns your flirting.

Hunter is not the relationship kind of guy. You can tell just by looking at him. Too hot, too delicious, sexy as hell and bad boy written all over his handsome face and muscular tattooed body. He's reckless, dangerous and trouble with a capital T.

He's also at least 10 years younger than me.

And I don't even remember his last name.

Flash forward to Monday morning work—where I'm still nursing the hangover from Saturday and my body is still feeling the effects of the best one night stand I've ever had—and my boss calls me into his office.

Apparently his son has just returned from university and is going to be stepping into the company. My boss wants me to personally train him. Make him the best of the best.

It's Hunter.

And I'm so screwed—literally.

Dirty Little Taboo Series

Flirting Touch – Book 1

Denying Pleasure – Book 2

Forbidding Desire – Book 3

Craving Passion - Book 4

Author note: This is a four part series that ends on an HEA in book 4

30 October
Dark Shadow Publishing

Customer Reviews

Raemonaaaa ,

A story ruined by spelling mistakes.

The storyline itself is an enjoyable read, however the number of mistakes within the book are unbelievable. Often the wrong name is used, sun instead of son and tailor instead of Taylor are just some off the top of my head. The number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors distract you from the story. Some sentences don't even make sense. It seems a shame that someone hasn't read through this to check, judging from the number of mistakes.

Unknown2k19 ,

A great story with a few minor hiccups

The storyline is gripping and if you love a Rom-com then it will be write up your alley. However, it does has slight grammar and spelling mistakes but no ones perfect.

100% Recommend

Judt saying ,


This is shocking. Riddled with spelling, grammatical and lexical mistakes. There were lots of sentences that made no sense. No to little character development. I don’t blame the author here, writing a book is hard and my hat off to anybody who attempts it, but there are other people involved in making a book come to light and this book should have never been published in that state.

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