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Jason Taverner has a glittering TV career, millions of fans, great wealth and something close to eternal youth. He is one of a handful of brilliant, beautiful people, the product of top-secret government experiments forty years earlier. But suddenly, all records of him vanish. He becomes a man with no identity, in a police state where everyone us closely monitored. Can he ever be rich and famous again? Or was that life just an illusion?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 14

Customer Reviews

Claimant ,

Do not buy this iBook

Buy the paperback instead, it won't have been ruined by constant

Alla10 ,

Flow my tears, the policeman said

Generally a good read, the story starts with a topical theme of a man who is suddenly unknown, when he had been a major celebrity the previous day. Dick investigates the celebrity culture and reflects on perceptions of his lead character and others around him when his world has turned upside down. Set in the future, but remarkably near to the current world we live in, Dick has proved a great prophet of Sci Fi.
The quality of the translation is appalling, with errors on every page, words "there" become "mere", I is "1", all very basic but very annoying!

mrnice302v8 ,

Not proof-read much?

A great book almost ruined by an apparent total lack of proof-reading, e.g; ever second 'the' replaced with 'me' and several other typos which distract from the read. If all iBooks are like this I'll stick with paper. No publisher would ever let a paperback go out with this level of gobbledegook. A rip-off, unless it is updated to remove the errors. Sort it out.

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