Food Isn’t Medicine

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*The Sunday Times Bestseller*

Does sugar cause type 2 diabetes?
Are vegan diets always healthier?
Is weight the main driver of our health?

No, no and absolutely not - NHS doctor and nutritionist Joshua Wolrich is on a mission to set the record straight.

In Food Isn't Medicine, he draws on the latest nutritional science to cut through what he calls 'nutribollocks', unravelling the false beliefs that too often inform how we eat. With candour and compassion, he debunks damaging food myths and dismantles the most pervasive of them all: the myth that your weight defines your health.

If you have ever considered intermittent fasting, avoided artificial sweeteners, dairy or carbs for 'health' reasons, or struggled through diet after diet wondering why nothing seems to work, this book will be a powerful wake-up call.

'Excellent - I couldn't put it down' Jameela Jamil

'A beacon of truth in a sea of misinformation' Alice Liveing

'Joshua brings a much-needed dose of reality - calling out the nonsense, helping you steer away from the empty promises of fad diets and giving you the tools to once again have a healthy relationship with food, your body and life' Dr Tim Crowe

Health & Well-Being
15 April
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

Kazbluesky ,

Has made my life so much simpler

This book has supported a bit of recent work on myself around body image, health and dieting. It’s made me feel much better about the food I eat (which is fine and healthy) and my slightly increased weight after stopping restricting things (which is also fine and healthy). I’m a counsellor and will definitely recommend it to clients who struggle with their relationship with food. The concept of health at every size is so important and I cringe when I hear people commenting on others weight gain now. Thanks for making life so much simpler for me!

Alice Clara HS ,


Not only is this book wonderfully accessible as well as witty, reassuring but never patronising, and informal but never less than articulate, but you put it down genuinely feeling you have learnt something.

The demystification of the link between diet and illness that so many influencers like to pontificate about was so refreshing. When one has no medical qualifications, like me, it’s so easy to blithely listen to anything anyone says about health, sheerly out of uncertainty and anxiety. This book reads like the literary manifestation of the best doctor’s appointment you have ever had, wherein ever worry or qualm is addressed and you leave feeling secure in your own choices.

As a recovered anorexic but someone with health OCD, this was a wonderful read. I devoured it in a day. Massive props to Dr Wolrich for not only writing this but keeping up his Instagram (in spite of some vile abuse and threats) which helps spread education to so many people. The job he is doing for us really is a brilliant one.

Thank you!

Felisem ,

Fantastic and empowering read

Eye-opening and brilliant read for someone that has struggled with their weight and views around weight for so long because of not only internalised fat phobia but views from others - the only weight I’m thinking about now is the one lifted off my shoulders! Informative, factual and life changing. Thank you!

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