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Up until July 30, 1993, Tess Foster had everything she scratched and clawed for after she left the West Virginia hills almost within her grasp. Then Robert had to pull that prenuptial agreement business at his attorney's office. Teary-eyed the next day as she seeks solace in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains on a solo backpacking trip, Tess mis-steps and tumbles off the mountain…a hundred years into the past.
Stone Chisum doesn't have it all. Every too-short day is a struggle as he tries his best to raise twelve-year-old Mountain Flower and her brother, Rain Shadow, the half-Cherokee children his dead love, Abbie, entrusted to his care on his Oklahoma ranch. That misguided busybody, Tillie Peterson, keeps insisting Stone should send the children to live with their Indian people, and there's never any money in the bank. He's always been pretty darned good at man's business — all those outdoor matters like chores and riding horses. It chaps his rear to no end when he sails over the head of his spooked horse and lands on his butt in front of the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes upon.
Tess's broken ankle keeps her at Stone's cabin while it heals, along with her broken heart over Robert. The heart's healing at a much quicker pace than the broken bone — assisted by her mounting feelings for this tender-hearted, male chauvinist pig she can't seem to help falling in love with. Ever faithful, Angela and Michael stand guard over Tess, though it's Stone who seems to suffer the most. He's suddenly clumsy and forgetful. The problems on his ranch escalate. One of his line camp cabins has already burned, and now someone has poisoned a few of his cattle. Tillie sticks her nose back into his business, scandalized that Stone's living out there in supposed sin with Tess, and Tillie is attacked by that half-grown mongrel, Lonesome, that somehow attaches itself to Tess. And Tess definitely has a problem showing proper respect for Stone's being the head of the household. Why the hell, then, is he falling head over heels in love with her?

Forever Angels is the launch title for An Angel's Touch Line. It garnered excellent reviews as a time travel/angel romance.

Ms. Simmons creates a wonderfully engaging pair of lovers whose relationship develops with fire and sass. Add in a pair of mischievous angels who know just how to tickle your fancy, and you get heavenly reading indeed. 4 STARS, M. Helfer, Romantic Times Magazine

This is one angel book not to miss…bring a hanky…you never know when an angel might sneeze. Cheryl Rovang, Cogswell Publishing

December 14
TM Simmons

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