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(Book 1 in the 'Forever Series')

Every so often someone special comes in to your life and it is so monumental that it marks time. It’s like a date is forever imprinted on your heart. After that, everything before pales in comparison and you wonder what you ever did without them….

Feeling the need for a change in life, Ava Lucas boards a plane for LA to work with her movie star sister. After making a vow to steer clear of men while she is there, she comes face to face with danger and temptation - all wrapped up in a 6 foot, blue-eyed, smoking-hot package. Her promise to herself is compromised as soon as she locks eyes with her sister’s gorgeous co-star, but already knowing his reputation with women, can she resist?

Ethan Drake is Hollywood royalty. Hot and charismatic. A total player. He sets his sights on Ava from the moment he lays eyes on her and what starts as a conquest turns in to more as she manages to chip away at the walls he has built over the years to protect his heart.

Can Ava resist the powerful lure of Ethan and stay true to her promise? Can Ethan bury his demons and turn his back on his playboy ways to convince Ava to be his?

June 29
Wendy Louise

Customer Reviews

Yo_mo_cream_yo_3 ,


I cried so bad when Nanny died! I've never cried so hard in any book, Tears are streaming down my face! Ethan and Ava are just the cutest couple.

georgebrooks15 ,


I just love the chemistry and feelings in this book, such a good story!! Can't wait until your next one is our Forever yours 😃😃😃😃😃

dobbyyyyyyyyyyyy ,


This book is just perfect,
The characters are really well presented and the format of the story is amazing
Love the way that Ethan and Ava change through the book and the other characters who bring the whole thing together
Totally recommend

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