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A collection of 4 standalone Clean & Wholesome Western romance short stories with guarantee HEA and no cliffhangers.

A Bolt of Lightning

Gaby Reslin is positive she will never marry. She is also positive that she will never find a companion so perfect as the Collie, Lightning, who she has raised and trained since he was a pup. When, due to the nature of her father's work as a cattle dog breeder, she is forced to sell Lightning to a young rancher, she is more than downhearted. To her surprise, Tobias Branson, the rancher in question, admires her love for the dog and invites her to visit his ranch once every week to continue training him.

Gabby knows that Tobias's true interest is in her as a woman and not the continued training of Lightning. All the same, in order to see her dog, she accepts his proposal, warning herself firmly not to become too attached to the handsome young rancher.

But, as the months go on and she becomes more and more fond of Tobias, that promise she made to herself becomes nearly impossible to keep. When news of a tragedy in her family overtakes her, she has nowhere to turn for comfort except to Tobias. Will tragedy force Gabby to accept the love she has been pushing away for so long?

Reluctant Mail Order Bride

Clara Grace longs for only one thing: to be free. She longs to be free of her father who has always resented her; she longs to be free of the house which still contains the ghost of her older sister who passed on a year ago. But, when her father announces that he placed a personal ad in her name seeking a husband out west and, what's more, he has accepted a proposal on her behalf, she can't help but think that this is not the freedom she imagined.

Even though the letters Alfred Bell has written to her father (who wrote to the young man under Clara's name) are eloquent and reveal the his intelligence and polite manner, Clara is reluctant to accept that she will be happy with a man she has never met.

When she meets Alfred, however, she discovers that, like her, he is at the mercy of a demanding father. Now, Clara must make a decision. Will she stay with Alfred and face the demands of his family with him, or will she strike out to find freedom on her own?

An Unusual Arrangement

Joshua Gates did not expect to find a girl sleeping in his stables.
Working in the stables of his brother's farm, Joshua was more than surprised to find a young, unmarried, pregnant woman sleeping in the hay. After speaking to the girl, Eliza Howlstead, he realizes the true danger of her situation, and he allows her to stay hidden in the stables. As the weeks pass, it becomes more and more difficult to hide her from his brother. And those she is running from.

Eliza Howlstead didn't intend to stay in the stables. When she slipped into the barn on the Gates ranch, she only intended to sleep the night and move on at first light. But, she was so tired of running from her abusive father that her body simply gave out.

When she woke and found a stocky, blond haired, blue eyed boy staring down at her, she fully expected to be thrown back out onto the open road. She could never have anticipated the kindness Joshua Gates would show her or how strong her feelings for him would become. Still, she knows she must leave him eventually. Preferably before her baby is born. But, as the time comes closer, she wonders if she will have the strength to do what she must.

September 5
Sweet Love Publishing

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