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In the enthralling third volume of Empire, Anthony Riches takes the legions deep into north Britannia, where the survivors of the rebellion still hope for revenge.

'A master of the genre' The Times

The Romans have vanquished the rebel alliance, leaving Calgus, Lord of the Northern Tribes, the prisoner of the chieftains he once led.

But the new Roman leader will not let them rest. He forms an audacious plan to capture Dinpaladyr, the Selgovaes' fortress of spears, and return it to the hands of a trusted ally.

Marcus Aquila - burning for revenge on an enemy army that has killed one of his best friends - is part of the select group of infantry chosen to go north with the Petriana cavalry and take the fort before the rebel army can reach it. He believes his disguise as Centurion Corvus of the 2nd Tungrians is still holding.

But he is just a few days ahead of two of the emperor's agents, sent from Rome to kill him. Pitiless assassins who know his real name, and too much about his friends.

Fiction & Literature
28 April
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

Mr Elizabeth ,

Fortress of Spears

This is pure class an enveloping novel the third in the series.
Anthony Riches has an uncanny ability to make you aware of not just the main players in the story but the whole makeup and feel of every character in the novel.
By his background knowledge of Military History and genius as a writer you feel as though you know every soldier in the Tungrian Cohort, he makes you feel as though your building the camps, standing in the ranks or carrying the units standard into Battle.
Anthony Riches is Anthony Riches and I mean this in the way of his work is unique to him there is no other who writes like him.

Happymuch ,


As good as the other two can't wait for the next.

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