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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story romances Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, January Morrison Psychic Files, Ralph's Gift, Eve Snow Psychic P.I., In the Blood, Sex Demons, The Halloween Awakening, The Whispering, and Seasons of Love. Now, here is Friend Zone...

"When you find someone who's worth it, why would you waste time?"

It all started when Laila is dragged into one of those hormone-crazed frat parties with her friend Ashley. In the midst of the madness, Laila finds herself an audience of an orgy. The heated atmosphere tempts Laila to privately join in. But by doing so, she unknowingly puts on a show of her own witnessed by Eric. Before she even realizes what was happening, she ends up in his arms and they create a wild... mad... hot encounter of their own.

But Laila’s conventional attitude regarding relationships halts what could have been between them. She thinks Eric is fun. Only, he is just a safe-sexy-wacky-kind-of-friend fun. Fortunately, Eric vows not to give up on her.

Until Mr. Perfect comes along. Laila finds out that there is a huge difference between Mr. Perfect and Mr. Right. Then Eric has gone missing. When he comes back, it seems he has found someone new.

Will the two friends’ relationship stay that way? Just friends? Forever?

Warning: This story contains adult themed graphical descriptions that a small number of readers might find offensive, including sexual acts and suggestive themes.

It might have been the beer or it could have been the frustration over being deprived of the last waves of ecstasy from earlier. It could’ve been the wild display she had seen on the grounds of the Alpha Kappa Omega’s frat party. Or, as much as she hated to admit it, it had been too long since she had been with a man.

Whatever the reason, Laila didn’t have the time to examine her motives. What happened next was driven by a pure, uncontrollable need.

She launched herself at him, her arms grabbing his upper arms bringing his body roughly to hers. Her hands came up to the sides of his head and, using that leverage, she brought his head down to hers and locked her lips against his.

Eric was caught off guard. And for a moment he was motionless against her passionate onslaught. But it wasn’t long till he found himself returning her kisses, his tongue swirling with hers. Her kiss was urgent, rude even. Her tongue insisted on being given access. With her hands on both sides of his head, she poured herself into the kiss and he reciprocated, matching her urgency, he sucked on her lower lip while she kissed him hard. Her body rubbed against his.

Without breaking their kiss, he maneuvered her to a nearby column that was still in shadow. Laila did not appear to object his movement and continued to cling to his body as if it were a lifeline.

Eric backed her into pillar, lifting her till she was against the wall and began to earnestly ravish her. With her arms were still locked around his neck, he deftly slid one hand down her bum, caressing it and then squeezing it tight. His other hand boldly slid under her blouse and up to her bra. He hesitated briefly but when his fingers brushed over her pebbled peak still covered by lace, her throaty moan signaled him to go further.

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November 30
Sandra Ross

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