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This gay erotica bundle contains six stories previously published individually about straight (and not-so-straight) guys who start out as friends and then end up as something much more:

Best Friends Turn Into Lovers - Supposedly straight college student Chad Owens fantasizes about the sexual things he would do to hot guys if he could get up the nerve to actually have his first gay encounter.  When his straight and shirtless best friend asks Chad to rub tanning oil on his back, will the truth (and Chad) finally come out?

The Agony of De Feet - Gay college senior Warren has been lusting after his soccer-playing straight best friend's feet for three years. When the hot jock limps in after practice one day, Warren offers to examine the alpha male's tantalizing feet.   Will Warren's foot worship fetish fantasy of submissively sniffing, licking, and kissing the dominant athlete's sweaty and dirty size thirteen bare feet finally come true? 

College Roommate Friends Become Lovers -  In order to convince a suspicious man of his authenticity, the ghost of his deceased partner lets him relive the day he lost his backdoor innocence to his best friend and roommate.

Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy - A publicly anti-gay senator does his college buddy late one night in the office, unaware that his political science intern, Pete, is spying on them.

Swimsuits Optional - Secretly gay Italian stud Joey has homosexual fantasies about his super-jock best friend, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Steve.  With Steve leaving for vacation, Joey has two choices.  He can spend his time thinking about Steve with his hand in his pants or spend two weeks by the pool with Steve's older substitute who believes that swimsuits should be optional and something other than water should be splashed on Joey's face.

Two Twinks In Love - Two naughty best friend college twinks secretly whisper what they want for Christmas into the ears of the hairy mall Santa.  He decides to give them what they deserve instead – an over the knee spanking on their smooth bottoms!

Fiction & Literature
January 18
Gayrotica Press

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