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From serious doctor to giggling sex fiend!

Dr. Barbara Goldman is a no-nonsense physician at Sacred Heart hospital in Atlanta, where one day she gets a patient presenting with swollen breasts, blond hair, and memory problems: all the symptoms of bimboitis.

Watching her patient flirt with the male nurses, Dr. Goldman can't help herself: she takes a sip from the woman's water glass, hoping to catch whatever she has - and it works!

Now she's Barbie, a dumb, hot, and horny bimbo who's desperate to find a man - or men - who can satisfy her!

WARNING: this book contains very graphic scenes, including hardcore oral and a**l sex, b******s in public, erotic transformation including breast enlargement and hair growth, super sexy outfits, becoming an airhead and a ditz, and a main character who's willing - and desperate to do almost anything!


If Heidi had caught whatever she had from a woman on a bus, maybe she could catch it by drinking her water. She thought of those massive breasts, the way every man in the room had stared and stared at Heidi.

And she drank down the rest of the water in the glass.

Dr. Goldman started feeling funny almost right away. She got a little lightheaded and her breasts began to tingle. A little shakily, she put the glass down on the sink of the bathroom and washed her hands, before looking up into the mirror.

Her hair was getting lighter. Was it — yes, it definitely was, and why was her lab coat beginning to gap open in the front?

She picked up the glass again and tried to figure out what could cause this. Bacteria and viruses didn’t work this fast, she thought, unless this was some sort of new super-strain? Or maybe a fungus or something? But a fungus was, like mushrooms and stuff, right? How could those make her hair turn different colors, that was dumb.

Maybe it was like… some sort of… she put the glass back down and blinked at it, then giggled.

Fiction & Literature
1 May
Tiffani Pearl

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