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A few months ago, we spoke about how we need to understand truly the generational differences between us "retreads" as someone once lovingly called those "our age", and the "Milleniums" and "Gen X'ers" who are now fully engaged in the work force. We talked about this and how important it is because the perpetuation of so many insurance agencies, carriers, vendors, and any other business for that matter is absolutely dependent upon "youngsters" in these two categories. To refresh your memory, this is some of what we discussed in that article last December: "According to statistics provided by AUGIE (ACORD User Group Information Exchange), there are 2.3 million workers in the insurance industry, and the average age of an agency owner is 51. The average age of a client base is 53. Now here's the "kicker": during the next ten years, over one million people will retire from the insurance industry. What that means is that there will be plenty of positions that need to be filled and most likely will be filled by "Gen X'ers" (born from 1965 to 1983) and "Millenials" (born 1984 to 2002), as it's the Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) who are the retirees. Although these "youngsters" will most likely be better educated and more technology savvy than their predecessors, they will also require a much different approach and style of managing than those whom they are replacing. These two groups, (Gen X'ers and Millenials), tend to be much more adaptable and confident; tenacious; independent workers; entrepreneurial; and un-intimidated by authority than any generation prior. They not only embrace technology, but they seize every opportunity to apply it in order to facilitate an easier and quicker way of performing a task. However, while Gen X'ers prefer the "hands off" management style of a superior; require immediate feedback on their performance; and require a "fun place to work"; "Millenials" (although they will never admit to it) tend to need a great deal more structure and supervision, as they are mostly inexperienced and do not have the interpersonal skills that those senior to them have typically mastered."

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May 18
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