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“You should write a book boy about all your travels” 

My Grandma kept telling me to write down all the things that had happened to me over the years as a Cameraman. It took a Worldwide Pandemic before I finally got around to it. 

But it’s not about filming. 

A percentage of profits go to St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth.

21 July
Paul Lang

Customer Reviews

Waddo 100 ,

Paul Lang - From Hollywood to Cricklewood

This is written by one of my oldest friends in the sometimes unreal world of telly. When the pandemic hit Director of Photography Paul Lang decided to take a giant leap into the real world - he turned his back on the glamour of foreign filming and climbed into the cab of a Tesco grocery van. It was a move that took me and his many colleagues by surprise - but the resulting journey is both fascinating and beautiful. A must read for anyone with a soul. 👍🏻

5gaff ,


I have worked with the authors brother on and off for some years. And now I feel I know another member of the Lang family. What a fantastic in sight into a world many of us see and use day to day but have no idea about the people who are behind the wheel. This is a touching account of human life in a strange time.

Happy boy 1181 ,

Absolutely Beautiful

A really moving account, showing the best and worst of humanity. But when you see the best of it in an inner city environment, it’s so touching. Thank you so much for getting up every morning to deliver the shopping and for sharing these little snippets of life on the road during Covid.