Funnily Enough

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Publisher Description

A true story of faith, trust, determination and love.
Things you've always asked yourself and never really answered...

When the plans you have made fall apart and you have no option but to let God take over, you might just find the most extraordinary things fascinate you.

Based on a diary of convalescence kept by the author Sophie Neville in 1991, ‘Funnily Enough’ is the true story of a single girl who stops working in television to enjoy rural family life in Gloucestershire with a pair of tame otters. It looks at how to overcome chronic fatigue and realize your dreams.

"This charming, funny, beautifully illustrated book would make anyone feel better." Jilly Cooper, Author

“…all plaudits to you for trying to describe and find humour in your darkest hour.” Clare Francis, Author

"I've just finished your book. I do congratulate you on a quite splendid achievement. The whole read is such fun, so joyful, so funny and so touching. I found it very lovable… I was quite enraptured by your lovely piece of work. Well done indeed." Richard Pilbrow, CEO Theatre Projects, Connecticut USA

"Your writing is so delightfully open and funny and full of fun. It's a breath of fresh air while also giving courage and perspective to others who struggle with long hard trials." Wendy Chandler, South Africa

"I am completely loving 'Funnily Enough' in fact I have nearly finished it and cannot wait for the next book. I will take my copy to the Seychelles. I relate so much to everything you are writing about and it really is amazing - such insights into life. Well done. It is just my kind of book." Sarah Collins, South Africa.

"I have read your book. Now, twice! I think some of Arthur Ransome’s ‘way with words’ must have rubbed off on you. To me, it is very moving and thought-provoking , as well as very amusing. Some passages made me laugh out loud… I simply loved it. I felt personally included, as if you were talking to be (your unknown reader) as a friend… I loved your family too. The sort of family that is true, loving and fun." Peter Bell

"I am so enjoying your book, Sophie –it expresses the numerous questions we all ask at some point in our lives and I really am looking forward to getting to the end to find your answers. It’s a lovely, amusing and very brave book." Anne Corfield

“It’s Hysterical!” Nick Lambard-Scott

'Absolutely superb.' Revd Canon Andew Bowden

14 July
Sophie Neville

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