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Brooke is young, beautiful, and rich, and a notorious cock tease. When she gets a flat tire in front of a biker bar, she boldly goes inside to get help. She has no idea she is going into a tiger’s den, and someone from her past is there to ensure nothing goes her way. Will Brooke prevail, and manipulate all those big, scary bikers into doing her bidding? Or will she be lured into a dangerous game of sex and manipulation that will send her down a different path in life?

Warning: Explicit consensual sex, oral, multiple partners, and girl-on-girl.

This is a great story if you want a quick, fun erotic romp.


“You’re a pretty little thing, Brooke. So sweet and sexy,” Viking said. His fingers trailed across her cheek, and plunged deep into her hair at the temple. “So young, beautiful, and innocent.”

He leaned down for a kiss, and she leaned way back to avoid it.

“Now, now, Viking, I’ve just met you,” she said, voice just a bit breathy. “I barely know you.”

“Forget the rich bitch, Viking,” Sophie said. She walked up to them, a scowl on her pretty face. “She’s a legendary cock tease. She’s a man-eater who taunts and teases, but never pleases any man. It’s just a game to her.”

“A cock tease? No one likes a stinking cock tease,” Viking said, eyes narrowing at Brooke.

“It’s a lie. I’m just a good girl,” Brooke said. That got her a raised eyebrow from Viking. Sophie looked quite pleased with herself. That really pissed Brooke off, so she took Viking’s face in both hands and kissed him. “I’m not a cock tease.”

When his arms came up to encircle her, Brooke slipped away.

“I rest my case,” Sophie said. “Cock tease. Queen of the cock teases, in fact.”

Fiction & Literature
August 22

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