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Do you choose to buy a book on the basis of what you read here? If not, what's below doesn't matter, you should go and buy the book now and save us both the embarrassment. But if the description does matter to you, you'll have to read on. 

Game Theory puts you, the reader, at the centre of its story. Bored with your life as a commuter, you return (mentally) to university, with the aim of bettering your lot. But the novel lets you choose not only what do you want to do (from “where do you want to sit” to “who do you want to marry”?) but what you want to read (do you want to know what a character looks like or why the author put them at the bar or who the 3 Muskehounds are?). 

If you do buy books based on the description, you've probably either clicked buy or clicked back by now. But in case you haven't, let's have another go. 

A slightly puerile student comedy, a high-minded experiment, a functioning gamebook complete with dice rolls, and a very low-level game theory primer, Game Theory is a novel like none ever published: itpushes the boundaries of what a book can be, but it's not, you know, hard to read. 

Did that tempt you? If not, you are a hard sell indeed. What else can or should be said? Two things, I suppose. First, if you like this description, you'll end up liking the book. Second, due to the extensive use of hyperlinks, it's best read on a touchscreen. 

Still not convinced? Go on. Try it. Roll the dice.

Fiction & Literature
April 25
Casaubon Press

Customer Reviews

Whippletom ,

Choose your own adventure, with fruity bits

Probably the strangest book you'll read this year. What would have happened if cyoa grew up, got into literary theory and had sexy bits?

You want that orifice? Go to page 178...etc.