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Marcus Fenix. War hero. Decorated Gear. Loyal son. Traitor. As the Locust Horde advances into one of humanity's last bastions, Marcus does the unthinkable: he defies Colonel Hoffman's orders and abandons his post in the middle of the battle in a bid to rescue his father, weapons scientist Dr Adam Fenix. As the Coalition struggles to defend Sera's surviving humans from the invading 'grubs', Marcus faces a court martial - and a possible death penalty. In the Slab, there are no rules and no mercy. Marcus must learn to survive in an institution populated by the most dangerous dregs of society.

Meanwhile, COG scientists continue the race against time to find a weapon to defeat the Locust - but there's another traitor - one of the most trusted men in the COG, who knew the Locust existed long before the creatures erupted from their underground warrens. Worse, there's an even bigger threat emerging: a life-form called the Lambent, which drove the Locust to the surface and that will eventually destroy all life on Sera.

As the Locust infiltrate deeper into COG territory, the Slab is in danger of being overrun. All the prisoners are released . . . except Marcus. The Locust close in while Dom Santiago mounts a last-ditch rescue bid to free the one man who can save humanity.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 3
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Paul Couldrey ,

Great read

The latest book from the Gears of War series takes us back to before the start of the first game, Marcus Fenix has committed treason by refusing an order and has been imprisoned in macintosh only prison The Slab. This s a great read for fans of the game and those who may never have played, but be sure to read this book as the latest in the series and not just jump in here as this book requires that you know the characters and story that this universe provides.

FIash007 ,


Great book just as good as the others, and fills in a few blanks

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