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Dale comes home after a hard day of work, wanting nothing more than to relax. Finding nothing in the fridge, he drinks one of his roommate's strange beverages - and finds himself transformed into a sexy young woman. Unfortunately for him, his roommate, William, comes home - and things begin to heat up as Dale's new body is put to the test!

This story is intended for mature audiences only, and features scenes of gender swapping, oral sex, sex change sex, and is 4000 words in length.


I got a single step before my body twitched, a rolling shudder starting in my stomach that rippled out through my limbs. I let out a startled gasp, slumping down to my knees as my strength gave way. I slumped forward, held up only by one trembling hand, as my body began to burn from within. I could feel my skin begin to ripple, and sweat beaded across it, rolling down into my shirt and dripping down onto the floor in a matter of seconds. I stared wild-eyed, frantically trying to remember where I’d left my cell phone. My jacket, by the door. I’d left it in my work jacket.

Weak hands pushed me back up kneeling as my skin continued to shift beneath my shirt. I clawed at it, popping buttons free, sending them skipping across the hardwood floor. I could barely see in the darkness of my apartment, but I could see my flesh undulating, like my muscles were shuddering uncontrollably. In horror, I saw my chest begin to rise, actually growing. Swelling. My trembling fingers traced along breasts that sprouted on me. Actual breasts!

My back twisted in sudden pain, and I gasped, a high, feminine sound as I tumbled onto my side. I saw my hair, no longer my short cropped business length, but long and luxurious flow that splayed out across the floor. I lay there panting, awash with confusion and a thousand confusion sensations rolling through me. What the hell was going on? It had to have been that drink. Had William brought some of his work home with him? My body continued to twitch and change, and I lay there, shuddering and sweating. I could feel the change rolling through me, shifting my body, turning me into something different.

A woman.

Fiction & Literature
April 21
JB Richards

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