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Grab the first FIVE Gender Swap Lollipop stories here in one BIG 50,000 word bundle!


Book One: The First Trial

When test subject and college slacker Evan Daniels takes his first dose of the experimental new drug MetaboFem, he's in for quite the shock.

Strange and erotic thoughts invade his mind and his body changes from an ordinary male to that of a buxom, beautiful female!

As the old him fades away and the new girl inside takes over, Evan finds himself unable to quench the rampant horniness that takes control or stop thinking about his sexy roommate Josh. Will he resist the desire to let his friend dominate him or will he give in and accept what's coming?

Book Two: Double Suckers

Fraternity brothers Tim and Jamie love getting paid to get high. Working as test subjects for pharmaceutical companies is right up their alley, giving them easy access to drugs and handing them a paycheck in the process.

Their latest assignment for Sissco, however, isn't going quite like they planned and the medicated lollipops they've been given to test out are having some unexpected consequences!

As the parts that made them men disappear and new, sexy, girly parts take over, they find themselves unable to resist the urges that beset them. Just how far will the experiment go?

Book Three: Still Suckin'

When Kyle gets a hold of his brother's experimental drug trial lollipops, he's in for more than he imagined!

At first he only feels a strong buzz, but by the end, Kyle's manhood begins to slip away and slutty female thoughts begin to take over.

With a big house party in only a few hours, he's going to be surrounded by testosterone and horny men that only have their mind on one thing!

Book Four: The Mix-up

During his latest experiment, Dr. Howard Jenkins, a research scientist at Sissco Pharmaceuticals, commits a few careless blunders.

Those innocent mistakes lead him to the accidental discovery of MetaboFem, the powerful concoction responsible for the transformation of ordinary men into willing, cum-hungry, sissified sluts.

He's going to have his hands full once the changes kick in and he finds out how strong the raw, uncut formula really is!

Find out the origin of everyone's favorite gender-bending lollipop treat in the fourth volume of the series!

Book Five: Our Transformation

When average couple Charlie and Kristen receive a mysterious package in the mail, they open it to find dozens of brightly colored, tasty lollipops.

Unfortunately for them, these aren't just your average suckers!

Soon, the effects of a new, more powerful formula of MetaboFem take hold and both husband and wife begin to change in ways they could never have imagined!


Fiction & Literature
January 20
Raminar Dixon Erotica

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