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Get Clients Online can help bring more business your way.

Just like any new endeavor, learning how to leverage the power of the Internet to set up or expand a business online requires a time commitment and effort. Do not trust anyone who tells you otherwise because that means they have not done it. 

However, it is very doable and anyone committed to learning the steps, applying those steps, and following through will get more clients. 

Without a list of subscribers (prospects), you have no one to present your offer(s) to. It’s no different than the offline sales cycle: search for prospects within your target market, develop a relationship with those prospects. What problem do they have that you can solve? Provide the solution to their problem, close the sale.  

Now granted that’s simplified, but that’s the sales cycle. Even if you are not selling a product or service of your own, but you are creating highly valuable and targeted content with a blog, without a substantial number of people visiting you site, how can you expect to attract advertisers to pay for position on your site? 

You must have a pipeline filled with viable prospects. 

The online steps however, are different than the offline process and the best part is that they can quickly help you reach more of your ideal clients in a shorter amount of time. That, my friend, is the true beauty of the Internet! 

We’re going to do that by implementing the steps in this book.

This book is for you if you are looking to:
➢Get more clients
➢Expand your current business online
➢Build a new business online 
➢Create authority and become a recognized leader within your industry
➢Hate to write but know you need content for your site or social media sites
➢Are fed up with trying to figure out a quick way to reach your market

There is a formula to getting clients, boosting sales and building a successful business online. The steps contained in this book are the exact steps I took to build a six-figure plus business working from home. I’m a single mom with four children to support and I began doing this while working outside the home. If I can do it, so can you. 

For the past few years, clients have trusted me to help them expand their reach. It works and it will work for you too, no matter which stage you are at in building or taking an existing business online.

My clients trust me for a reason; I help them reach their ideal market.  

Their results are the reason I’m able to work from home (or anywhere for that matter) on my own time and for that I am extremely grateful.  

Download the ebook to Get Clients Online – in addition to the ebook edition, you’ll also get:

- Access to my training “Online Business Cheat Sheet”.
- A PDF edition of the book (in case your e-reader doesn’t handle screenshots well).
- The chance to get your burning questions answered at the Get Clients Online community.

Here's to your success!


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March 14
Kim thompson

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