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Romance Reviews Today—Perfect 10 (partial review)GETTING PERSONAL is a delight! The book is filled with a cast of characters that provides plenty of chuckles and laugh out loud humor—the parrot who spouts obscenities, the "private eye" who works at Radio Shack, the parade of men who respond to the online ad, and Monique's mother, flower child turned erotic writer, to name a few. And then there's Monique herself, a quirky gem of a character who is a times side-splittingly funny while still exhibiting enough vulnerability and emotion to make her fully dimensional. Jake is the perfect foil for Monique's craziness; where she's impulsive and plunges headlong into trouble, he looks before he leaps and is somehow always there to pluck her out of the messy situations she gets herself into.For a wonderfully funny, entertaining story, I highly recommend GETTING PERSONAL.BooklistWarm and lighthearted, Amos' novel will charm readers with its vivid characters, especially the spirited and all-too human Monique. Maria HattonLong Description:Sometimes good intentions aren't enough. No one knows that better than Monique St. Cyr, parochial school dropout, dieter extraordinaire, and want-to-be investigative reporter with pit bull tenacity and a habit of leaping headlong before she looks. Monique, obituary writer for a tabloid-style newspaper in Portland, Maine, lives next door to her mother, Anne Marie, an erotic fiction author. Anne Marie enlists Monique's help to do research for her next book about couples who meet online...by filling out several personals for her daughter. Monique is swamped with emails, and her life gets even more complicated when she meets Jake Dube, a policeman with a wicked grin and a heated gaze.

August 10
Diane Amos

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