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Will loving two men tear your heart apart?

It’s the 1960s and Lily Denham is about to begin her studies at Oxford University. 

On her first day she meets Harry Gale and Max Farley, two fellow undergraduates who are both full of mischievous charm. The three of them become firm great friends and enjoy exploring everything Oxford has to offer, from riotous parties to punting up the river on sunny afternoons. 

However, something threatens to disrupt the fun, because Lily soon realises she’s falling for both of her new-found friends, men who might offer her two very different futures  – but who will she pick? Harry is generous and kind, reliable and trustworthy. Max embodies the spirit of the sixties; adventurous and rebellious, but possibly a little bit dangerous as well.

As university ends and Lily struggles to make her mark on the vibrant fashion scene, she must make a decision. But she soon becomes aware that the wrong decision could have devastating consequences for her own future and for Max’s and Harry’s futures, too … 

April 25
Choc Lit

Customer Reviews

Laura K-W ,

Absolutely loved it!

Having loved all the Charton Minster books so far, I was really looking forward to this one - I wasn’t disappointed. I devoured it in two days, and then only because I forced myself to put it down that first evening so I could stretch it out.
So many of us share the dilemma at the core of this book, we wonder if we make the right choices, especially when it comes to head vs heart, a bit of a gamble vs security and the exploration of this through these beautifully portrayed characters ( and I adored all three straight from the start) is what makes this book so very special. Their transition from baby-faced undergrads to fully-fledged adults was seamless, each of them so utterly human in both their flaws and their virtues that you cannot help but empathise with all three. The entire story is underpinned with both wisdom and a quick wit - in fact, the humour running throughout had me smiling on nearly every page. I cannot wait until her next.

Samantha Em. ,

Take a trip through the ages (1960 - 1990's) and meet the Red Queen

This had me laughing out loud at the beginning.

The "Red Queen" so very much like me. All worried and health and safety conscious. With the lovely Max climbing up posts and causing havoc on the roads and just in general .... I can happily say I would react like her too 😂

During the university section, I kept having to remind myself that LMH does in fact mean Lady Margarets Hall (and not left hand menu as it is known in my role at work!)

Max and Harry are best friends, at uni together and usually found at the nearest pub selling beer. Then the lovely Lily comes along and is quickly renamed as Red Queen.

We follow the three closely in the story and learn how their lives take different paths. But unbeknown to them... Meeting Lily changes Max and Harry's life forever .... but in very different ways.

I loved following Max on his travels - really liked his character.
Lily and Harry ... a whole different storyline.

I was gripped by both. Each had plenty of moments where I thought of what if questions / scenarios and had so much hope for what might happen next.

Harry for me was a but dull but the Max and Lily storylines .... they made it for me. I felt like I was being transported back to the 60's but also felt like it was happening now as well.

Oh ... and what a car crash!.

I shall say no more other than ...if you take the plunge and feel compelled to read this yourself, I truly hope you enjoy what is a lovely book.

Huge thanks to Margaret James and a big thank you to the lovely ladies at Choc Lit for allowing me to read this in return of an honest review. This one is for you Liz x

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